System to create:

ICC profiles for Monitors, RGB, CMYK and CMYK+N Printers (where Ν = up to 4 colors), Digital Projectors.
Camera profile for Digital Cameras.


Technical Specifications:

Color management system with i1Pro3 portable spectrophotometer

  • Creation of ICC profiles for Monitors, Digital Projectors, Digital Scanners, RGB, CMYK and CMYK+N Printers (where Ν = up to 4 colors).
  • Creation of Camera and ICC profiles for  Digital Photo Cameras
  • Device Link
  • Quality Assurance for Monitors and Printers.
  • Uniformity Control for Monitors.
  • ColorChecker Classic Mini Target.
  • ColorChecker Proof Target.
  • Linearization of CMYK Printers
  • Profile Optimization.
  • Video Tutorials
  • Software CD-ROM
  • New Spectrophotometer i1Pro3.
  • Illuminant: Full Spectrum LED
  • Measurement aperture 4.5mm
  • 3 mesurements conditions according to ISO13655:

M0 No Filter, Unpolarized, UV Included
M1 Illuminant D50
M2 measurement with UVCut filter.

  • Support for measuring high brightness displays (up to 5000nits), improve emissive measurement, resulting in the best possible calibration and profiling of monitors and projectors.
  • PC connection through USB port.
  • Powered through USB bus
  • Supplied with:

Monitor holder
New Measurement ruler
Spot measurement target
Ambient Light Head
i1Pro3 holder for Projector profiling
Carrying case

Operating Systems: Win7 (32 ή 64bit), Win8 (32 ή 64bit), Win8.1 (32 ή 64bit), Win10 (32 ή 64bit), MacOS X 10.5.8 or newer, only Intel processors.

Info Files

pdf iconi1Pro3 Family

pdf iconi1Pro3 Specifications Sheet