Benchtop Non-Contact Spectrophotometer

Technical Specifications:

Benchtop spectrophotometer 45°/0° with non-contact sample measurement technology, designed for liquids, pastes, non-uniform solids and any other objects and samples color measurements.

  • Provides sample meaurement from distance without contact. The non-contact sample measurment allows users to measure a big variety of samples in liquid or paste state, non-uniform surfaces and any other samples like powders or others which are very difficult to be measured from classic contact spectrophotometers.
  • Delivers precise digital targeting, allowing the user to quickly and easily select the exact target area being measured.
  • Features flexibility and ease of use, with aperture sizes ranging from 2mm to 12mm, enabling users to measure a wider variety of samples.

VS3200 2 12mm Measuring Aperture

  • Versatile design imporves the ability to measure odd and big size samples.
  • Best in class measurement accuracy, repeatability and inter-instrument agreement.
  • Double beam measurement 31 channels.
  • Spectral range 400 - 700 nm in 10 nm intervals.
  • Measurement: Reflectance, DRS Spectral engine with full spectrum LED and 45/0° geometry.
  • Full measurement compatibility with VS450.
  • Repeatability ≤ 0.025 RMS, dE CIELAB
  • Inter-instrument agreement 0.15 ΔΕ CIELAB
  • Interface USB 2.0.
  • Voltage 220 Volt AC 50 HZ / 100 Watts.


Info Files

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