Light booth for color control.


Technical Specifications:

Six Illuminants:

  • D50 (5000K) or D65 (6500K) Daylight
  • UV Ultraviolet
  • Horizon Daylight 2300K Simulation of the early sunrise and the late sunset.
  • Cool White Fluorescent (CWF)
  • TL84 fluorescent and U30 or U35 Ultralume
  • 'A' Illuminant (Incandescent) 2856K

Neutral Grey paint externally and internally of the booth.
Auto switching of lights with software programing.
Remote Control for light switching.
SPLQC Remote Control
Operation time counter.
Daylight produced from Halogen lamps with a special filter that is the most accurate way of physical daylight simulation.
Built-in sensors automatically adjust voltage to maintain proper lux, compensating for age and wear throughout the usable lifetime of the fluorescent lamp.
After initial power-up or switching between lamps, lamps achieve almost instant stability. A helpful indicator acknowledges optimum stability.
User software for simplify the programming according specification, operation options and report generation for the operation and the errors of the light booth.
Booth dimensions – Height : 70cm  Width: 94 cm  Depth: 61 cm Total Weight: 60.5 Kg
Factory Certificate of Performance.


Info Files

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