Portable Spectrodensitometer

Technical Specifications:

  • Spectral engine Measurement: Reflectance, Non Contact, DRS Spectral engine
  • Measurement Geometry: 45°/0° with ring illumination optics, ISO 13655
  • Live Video Targeting
  • Big Touch Screen 800x480 pixels
  • Digital Loupe with option to save 20 images
  • Measurement conditions according to ISO 13655:
    • M0 – No Filter, Unpolarized, UV Included
    • Μ1 – D50
    • M2 – UV Excluded Filter
    • Μ3 – Polarization Filter


    • XP mode (M0 bi-directional, M1, M2) (Only in XP and Plus version)
  • Spectral range 400 - 700 nm in 10 nm intervals.
  • Light Source: Full spectrum LED
  • Measurement round aperture diameter: 1.5 mm or 2 mm or 4 mm or 6 mm (The Measurement aperture should be defined with the order)
  • Simultaneous measurement Μ0, Μ1, Μ2, Μ3.
  • Short term repeatability - White: 0.05 ΔΕab
  • Inter instrument agreement: Avg. 0.25 ΔΕab (D50, 2°)
  • Short term repeatability - Density: ±0.01D for CMYK
  • Options activated in Menus (Availability depends on instrument version):
    • All Densitometric
    • BestMatch
    • CIE L*a*b* CIE L*C*h°
    • Trend and/or L*a*b* graphs
    • CIE XYZ & Yxy (Only in Plus version)
    • ΔE Method: dE*76, dE*94, dE*00, dE CMC
    • Averaging Std and Trial
    • Special Paper Indices (Only in Plus version)
    • Metamerism (Only in Plus version)
    • Absolute & Relative Color Strength (Only in Plus version)
    • Opacity (Only in Plus version)
    • Printing Plate
    • Color Plot
    • Reflection Graph (Only in Plus version)
    • Quality Control
    • Job Templates
    • Fogra/Ugra Mediawedge, Idealliance wedge (spot and scan)
    • Sample Storage (Max 20 mesurements)
    • Pantone PMS+
    • Pantone Live subscription for 1 year (Only in Plus version)
    • Scanning mode
    • Xrite Link option for instrument remote fleet management through web.
  • My Tool for user customized instrument working tool.
  • Data Interface: USB-C (USB-C to USB-A adaptor included), WiFi.
  • Operating systems: Win10 (32 or 64bit), MacOSX 10.15 and newer. All operating systems should be updated with the latest Service Packs.

The package includes:

eXact2 Suite Software, USB-C cable, Docking/Charging/Calibration Station, Quick Start Guide, Certificate of Performance.

Info Files

pdf iconeXact 2

pdf iconeXact 2 Specifications