Portable spectrophotometer for gold or silver colors, metallic and aluminium surfaces and generally high reflective surfaces and colors.

Technical Specifications:

  • Suitable for color quality control of gold, silver, metallic and high reflective surfaces and colors in general.
  • Measurement: Reflectance, DRS Spectral engine
  • Measurement Geometry: Sphere d/8°
  • Simultaneous measurement of Specular Component - Included and Excluded (SPIN/SPEX)
  • Spectral range 400 - 700 nm in 10 nm intervals.
  • Light Source: Gas filled tungsten and only in Ci64UV: UV Leds for calibrating the UV content to measure accuretly any sample that contain optical brightening agents.
  • Lamp life: 500.000 measurements aprox.
  • Switchable measurement apertures for Ci64 or Selection on order for Ci62:

Target window diameter 14mm with measurement area of   8mm
Target window diameter 6.5mm with measurement area of  4mm

  • Optional measurement aperture selection for Ci64 on order not exchangeable:

Target window diameter 20mm with measurement area of 14mm

  • Measuring Time 2 sec aprox.
  • Photometric Range:  0% - 200%. (Reflectance).
  • Short term repeatability: 0.04 dΕ*ab for Ci64 and 0.05 dΕ*ab for Ci62
  • Options activated in Menus:

Quality Analysis
Whiteness Indices
Projects & Jobs (Only in Ci64)

  • Storage of 1000 Standards and 4000 Samples/trials
  • Color LCD display
  • Internal removable rechargeable battery.
  • Battery full charge 4 hours aprox by non using the instrument.
  • Data Interface: USB and Bluetooth

The package includes:

Carrying Case, AC Charger, Calibration Standards, Operations Manual, Certificate of Performance.

Info Files

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