Benchtop spectrophotometer Xrite Ci7600/Ci7630


Technical Specifications:

  • Tri-Beam measurement with Pulsed Xenon D65 calibrated light source and 2D CCD array/holographic grating.
  • Measurement cycle time ≈2.5 sec
  • Spectral range 360 - 750 nm in 10 nm or 20nm wavelength intervals.
  • Optical configuration diffuse 8° with 152mm sphere.
  • Simultaneous SCI/SCE measurement.
  • Control Panel for specular port and UV Filter control, Buttons for activating preview, standard and trial measurement directly from the instrument.
  • Adjustable of Cut-off UV light component through software.
  • Three UV filters:

400nm (Standard)
420nm (Optional)
460nm (Optional)

  • Automatic lens positioning according to the selected measurement aperture.
  • Special shock absorbance system on the measurement holder to avoid damaging measurement aperture.
  • Repeatability ≤ 0.03 RMS, dE CIELAB.
  • Interinstrument Agreement (LAV) (ΙΙΑ):  0.15 avg ΔΕ CIELAB
  • Reflectance measurement apertures at five different sizes:Ci7600 accesories

Large Area View            25 mm (LAV)
Medium Area View        17 mm (MAV) (Optional)
Small Area View            10 mm (SAV)
Very Area View                6 mm (VSAV)
Ultra Small Area View   3.5 mm (USAV) (Optional)

  • Transmission measurement – (Optional kit). Only in Ci7600
  • Transmission measurement apertures at three different sizes – (Optional kit): Only in Ci7600Ci7600 Ci7800 Transmission Kit

Large Area View 22 mm (LAV)
Small Area View 10 mm (SAV)
Very Area View     6 mm (VSAV)

  • Laser Targeting of measurement area in transmission mode. Only in Ci7600
  • Inter Aperture agreement (ΙΑΑ).
  • Photometric Range 0% - 200%.
  • Photometric Resolution 0.01% reflectance
  • Integrated Temperature and Humidity sensors.
  • Sample Video Preview
  • Interface USB 2.0
  • NetProfiler instrument embedded.
  • Horizontal Measurement Plane – Vertical instrument position (Optional kit)
  • Electrical requirements 100-240 Volt AC / 50-60 Hz.


Info Files

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